Hands On Training for the real world

Our training programs are designed to increase the job knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of manufacturing industry workers. Through a combination of basic theory, theory application, and hands on practice in problem situations students develop their skills and troubleshooting abilities.

A Manufacturing Specific Skills Training Program

This is a hands-on training program incorporating the use of over 200 hands-on training aids. Students learn using the same tools, components, and systems they will encounter in the manufacturing facility. The program is customizable; you can pick and choose those units most specific to your training needs and objectives based on identified strengths and weaknesses..

The program curriculum is 100% demand driven. We train to the specific skills our clients have conveyed to us as critical for productive long term employment. In essence, the manufacturing skills training program has been built by and for manufacturing operations professionals over the last thirty-five years.

Global Vocational Training Initiatives

The global skills shortage in manufacturing is acute and growing. Advanced economies are struggling to fill jobs as the last generation that considered manufacturing a top career choice is retiring. Developing countries need to train their workforce in order to attract manufacturing capital and raise the standard of living for their citizens. SMT’s demand driven skills training program fills these needs by training to the specific skill set required for long-term productive employment in manufacturing. Our assessment and training programs are currently deployed in 31 countries, both advanced and developing economies.

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Scheduling Classes

Our Basic Mechanical/Electrical program is a versatile Eleven Volume, 40 unit classroom course. Included are intensive lessons with hands-on activity and theory. Each unit is designed to take 2-3 hours to complete.

Our advanced program consists of 12 volumes, 38 units and introduces the concepts of industrial maintenance with an emphasis on preventative maintenance.