Mechatronics Training Curriculum

Our Mechatronics Curriculum trains the critical “Hard Skills” required to optimize performance in a modern manufacturing facility.

Troubleshooting Skills are the focus, the heart and soul, of the curriculum.

SMT’s industrial skills training program is a hands-on, 100% demand-driven program. The curriculum has been built by and for industrial operations professionals.  These manufacturing leaders possess an in-depth understanding of the skills required to optimize performance – these are the skills we train to.

We have delivered this training in manufacturing facilities globally for many years.  Training in industry is driven by two primary objectives; 1) deliver highly effective training that improves productivity immediately and long-term, and 2) deliver the training efficiently in order to get manpower back into production as soon as possible. This is the environment our curriculum has been built in and designed for. Highly effective training delivered in a reasonably short period of time.

SMT Mechatronics Training Curriculum


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