PLC Ladder Logic Training

Training the HARD SKILLS required to optimize manufacturing performance

This Hands-On PLC Training Program is for personnel working with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) who require familiarity with the concepts/uses of PLCs and the unique language they use, Ladder Logic. This program is a must for anyone interested in moving to automation in the production, assembly, or testing of manufactured goods.

As with all our training programs, we design our PLC Training curriculum in close collaboration with our global manufacturing clients. This process ensures that the program trains the specific skills required to optimize manufacturing performance and profitability. This is a demand-driven, manufacturing specific training program.

The program begins with elementary PLC concepts and progresses into PLC code writing and troubleshooting skills.

Due to the Hands-On nature of the program, participants spend considerable time interacting with training aid components and the PLC Program.

The PLC Training course is for Technicians, Electricians, Mechanics, Maintainers, Engineers, and anyone working with programmable logic controllers. Students should have a basic understanding of electro-mechanical control devices and electrical circuits. Basic electrical knowledge, including the ability to read schematics is desirable. A familiarity with basic computer structure and operation is helpful.

In an industrial setting, all of our training programs are customizable. Manufacturers can select the specific volumes that are applicable to identified training needs and objectives. SMT can assess your incumbent workforce and work with you to design targeted training based on the assessment data.

Training deliverables

Option #1: SMT sends our expert trainers to your facility delivering training to your existing staff and/or new hires.

The length of the engagement is a function of training units being delivered and number of individuals being trained. We have delivered training engagements lasting from one day to over a year. A typical engagement is four to eight weeks. In this time frame, we can dramatically increase the skill level of your workforce. You will experience the performance improvement during the training.

To accommodate internal shift dynamics in 24/7 facilities, we typically deliver the same four-hour training block, twice daily for two different groups. Training four days each week, for six weeks, we can deliver 96 hours of training for each group of participants (192 hours total training).

Using this model, the manufacturer leases the training aids for the duration of the training engagement.

Option #2 – Manufacturers purchase the program and SMT trains/certifies your staff (train-the-trainer program) to deliver the curriculum.

With this model, the manufacturing organization or school purchases the training aids and licenses the curriculum to use on an ongoing basis.

Our PLC Skills Training Program is recommended by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®)