Skills Assessment Programs

SMT’s Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program delivers a Return-On-Investment well over 100% the 1st month of deployment.

Our skills assessment testing services are available in several delivery options.
  • We train your employees to become certified test administrators. You own the program (most common).
  • We can come to your location and provide the testing using our own certified test administrators.
  • Each testing machine is available for purchase or lease.

Skills Training Programs

Our training programs and modules are customizable based on your needs and objectives. Please contact us and we will build a customized program for you.

There are 3 deliverables for the training program:

  • SMT delivers the training in your facility (or nearby location) with our trainers.
  • SMT trains your staff to deliver the curriculum and your purchase the training infrastructure. You own the program.
  • A local school deploys the program. We currently partner with schools in 19 states.

Based on your needs, we can develop several options for your consideration.