PLC Skills Assessments

PLC Skills Assessments
using the PLC Test Device (PLCTD)

Our PLC Test Device (PLCTD) evaluates hardware technicians and PLC programmers. This program effectively identifies the troubleshooting skills of industrial equipment maintenance personnel. The PLC Test Device is much more than a written aptitude test. It is a hands on simulator, providing direct feedback from a test panel.

There are varying levels of assessment difficulty. The assessment protocol used is a function of the skill set you need to identify.

The PLC Testing Device simulates an industrial control panel running a packaging line. It runs a Siemens motor starter circuit, uses an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC Test Panel, and employs a Laptop computer running an RSLogix 500 control program.

The PLCTD evaluates job candidates and incumbents in the positions of maintenance personnel, technicians, and programmers. It provides a clear indication of candidates’ PLC troubleshooting strengths and weaknesses.

Lower the Risk & Cost of Hiring by Identifying Skills Prior to Hire

As the skills shortage grows more acute each year and margin pressures mount, it’s more critical than ever before to make the right hiring decision. Our validated Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program, using portable assessment machines and a Hands-On, Performance-Based methodology, identifies the most skilled, most capable, and most trainable candidates and incumbents.

Hands-On, Performance-Based

Identifying and quantifying skills prior to hire is the most effective means to assure the most productive hiring decision. This solution provides a Return-On-Investment over 100% the first year of implementation. These industrial skills assessments have been administered over 1,000,000 times as a result our manufacturing clients have saved over $10 billion.

Over forty validation studies by Industrial/Organizational PhD’s confirm the efficacy of the assessment program as well as over forty-five years of success driving productivity in the field.

In addition to the above uses, assessment program participants may be eligible for college credit based on their scoring results.