Manufacturing Skills Assessments

This scientific-based, data-driven program simplifies the hiring process. The solution lowers the risk and cost of hiring and aligns the hiring process with industrial Lean/TPM initiatives.

With our Manufacturing Skills Assessments our clients know the skill set/skill level of all candidates prior to hire. No more leap of faith that a candidate possesses the skills/knowledge/abilities they represent in the interview process. College Credit can be awarded based on assessment performance.

The “Hands-On” Assessment Machines identify and measure the skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility. Identifying skills and competencies prior to hire is the single most effective means to ensure a quality hire and drive productivity in industry. Many organizations assess their incumbent workforce and deliver targeted training based on the data.

SMT’s Manufacturing Skills Assessments Machines and Protocols are used in the hiring process globally for the selection and evaluation of maintenance mechanics, machine operators, industrial electricians, PLC technicians, electro-mechanical personnel, process control technicians, and CNC operation personnel. We have over four decades of data and thirty-eight validation studies confirming the efficacy of this process.

SMT Manufacturing Skills Assessments Programs – Overview


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