Electrical Skills Assessments

Electrical Skills Assessments
using the Electrical Skills Test Device (ESTD)

Our Electrical Skills Test Device (ESTD) screens and identifies skill level of industrial electricians and electro-mechanical production positions.

The ESTD provides a means of quantitatively screening candidates for industrial electrician positions. The device evaluates the skill level of job applicants and identifies training opportunity in an existing workforce. The ESTD resembles an industrial control panel as closely as possible in a portable device. Its design is through the joint effort of an electrical engineer and a training director who recognize the difficulty of evaluating the abilities of electricians.

The Electrical Skills Test Device acts as an industrial control device. Utilizing signals from standard output devices, the tool sequences through a series of inputs and resets itself. This cycle repeats continuously as long as the device is in working order.

The ESTD identifies and measures a candidates understanding of the principals of electricity and their application in an industrial setting. Does the candidate understand circuit components including relays, limit switches, proximity switches, photo eyes, motor starters, relay logic control circuits, and AC/DC input devices? The process identifies the ability to troubleshoot industrial control systems properly using provided schematic and troubleshooting tools.

The device ranks electricians of different skill levels on the basis of time-spent problem solving a set of malfunctions. In addition to purely objective time ranking, the ESTD also provides an indication of the candidate’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Lower the Risk & Cost of Hiring by Identifying Skills Prior to Hire

As the skills shortage grows more acute and margin pressures mount, it’s more critical than ever to make the right hiring decision. Our validated Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program, uses portable assessment machines and a Hands-On, Performance-Based methodology. Our programs identify the most skilled, most capable, and most trainable candidates and incumbents.

Hands-On, Performance-Based

Identifying and quantifying skills prior to hire is the most effective means to insure a quality, highly productive hiring decision. This solution provides a Return-On-Investment over 100% the first month of implementation. These industrial skills assessments have been administered over 1,000,000 times generating savings in excess of $10 billion for our manufacturing clients.

The efficacy of the assessment program is confirmed by over three dozen validation studies conducted by Industrial/Organizational PhD’s and by over forty-five years of success driving productivity in the field.

In addition to the above uses / capabilities, participants in the Electrical Assessment Program may be eligible for college credit based upon their scoring results.