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Scientific Management Techniques Has Been Measuring the Manufacturing Skills Shortage for Decades

The manufacturing skills shortage/skills gap is real, acute and growing. Manufacturing organizations of all sizes are searching for effective solutions to this "efficiency killing" problem. We have not always had a manufacturing skills shortage. When did this problem begin…. and, more importantly, how do you measure it?
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Measuring the skills Shortage

Industry Today magazine April, 2018.
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American Council on Education Initiative Press Release

Scientific Management Techniques Announces Eight Manufacturing Skill Courses and Four Hands-On Assessments are Recommended for College Credit by the American Council on Education
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Polytech Adult Education Reference Letter

The Program Coordinator for the Delaware Manufacturing Development Center in Woodside, DE details the impact of SMT's manufacturing skill programs.
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Scientific Management Techniques Inc. Expands Capability of Hands-On Process Control Assessment Program

Assessment Program Identifies and Measures the Skills Required to Operate, Maintain and Troubleshoot a Manufacturing Facility
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Scientific Management Techniques Deploys Manufacturing Skills Training Program and Assessment Program in Ghana

Company Partners With Korsika Energy to Improve Employment and Industrial Performance in Accra.
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Scientific Management Techniques Executes Memorandum of Understanding with the Tennessee Board of Regents

TBR Recommends Statewide Adoption of SMT's Manufacturing Skill Training Curriculum and Skill Assessment Program
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POLYTECH Adult Education Announces the New Delaware Manufacturing Development Center (DMDC)

School partners with Scientific Management Techniques to drive manufacturing performance by delivering the skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility
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Scientific Management Techniques Deploys Hands-On Manufacturing Skill Assessment Program to all Sixteen Technical Colleges in Wisconsin

Hands-on assessment machines improve employment and industrial productivity by identifying and measuring the skills set of the industrial workforce. Assessment scores identify specific training required to improve performance
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