Demonstration Programs

Seeing is Believing

Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program Demonstration

We will come to your site to offer you a 48 minute to one hour presentation on our services. You’ll see first-hand the financial and productivity benefits to your enterprise. Next we will conduct two to four assessments on a machine of your choosing (approximately 30 minutes). Leadership will observe first-hand how and why this program is the most effective manufacturing skills assessment solution available.

The Assessment Program demonstration highlights the skill sets identified and measured. Those skills link directly to the critical competencies required in your facility to optimize performance.

Mechatronics Skills Training Program Demonstration

The skills training demonstration program consists of a brief PowerPoint presentation highlighting the features and benefits of training. We will share case studies of a program implementation displaying Return-On-Investment. Lastly, we will review the training materials and a discussion on offsetting training costs.

Following the presentation, we hold a mock class using a sample booklet of our material as well as our Hands-On training demonstrators for supervisors and line leaders to participate in. It is a great way to preview our training material and get a feel for implementing a customized SMT training program at your facility.

Lower the Risk & Cost of Hiring

Over forty validation studies conducted by Industrial/Organizational PhD’s confirm the efficacy of our assessment programs. Our programs are further validated by over forty-five years of success driving productivity in the field.

These manufacturing skills assessments have been administered over one million times generating savings in excess of $10 billion for our manufacturing clients. The Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program delivers a Return-On-Investment of well over 100% the first month of implementation.

Our Manufacturing Skills Programs are Powerful Productivity Tools; see them for yourself.