Our programs deliver an ROI in excess of 100% in the first year of deployment

Measuring the Value of the Right Hire and the Right Training

Our Manufacturing Skills Assessments have been administered over one million times generating savings in excess of $10 billion for our manufacturing clients.

Just as you make investments in capital, hardware, software, and raw materials, you invest in your employees. Your workforce represents perhaps your greatest asset and competitive advantage in your industry. As with any investment, your goal is to recognize the greatest return.

The Assessment Machines and Methodologies are designed to identify “top performers”.  All manufacturers recognize that the efficiency/performance of the top 10% – 15% of their workforce is superior to the average performer.  Using the assessment program, that top 15% grows to 30%… 50%… 70% over time. Many organizations have been using SMT’s Skills Assessment Programs for decades. They do so for one reason; the $$ bottom line impact delivered by increasing the skill level of the manufacturing workforce.

What is the cost of a bad hire in manufacturing?

The consensus among HR Professionals is between one and two times annual salary. The simplest way to measure the ROI of our process is using this bad hire data. Our average client identifies 50% of test candidates as unsuitable for hire. These individuals looked good on paper and had passed traditional HR hurdles. Using this metric, the ROI of our solution exceeds 100% with the first bad hire avoided.

Add to this equation the productivity derived from identifying the most skilled candidate and you can see the compelling return our solution provides. Our machines are available for purchase or lease and we can administer the testing or train in-plant test administrator(s) in the proper methodology. Based on your needs and objectives, we will develop a pricing plan and provide an ROI analysis.

Forty-five years of data and validation proves that quantifying the skills and competencies of a candidate prior to hire dramatically increases productivity in manufacturing

Is each hire a $1 million decision? It is if your average annual salary/benefits package is $50,000 and you intend to keep your new employee twenty years. In other words, you can’t afford to make a mistake, to hire someone without the right skills. Our unique Hands-On / Performance-Based Assessments  identify the strongest candidates and directly impact your Lean initiatives.

Since we started using Scientific Management's Standard Timing Model to screen candidates the turnover at my plant has decreased by 60%. The process helps us identify and train the best people.
Chuck Adam , Cargill Inc.