As the skills shortage grows more acute each year and margin pressures mount it’s more critical than ever before to make the right hiring decision. Our validated Selection-Evaluation program, using portable assessment machines and a Non-Written, Non-Verbal, Task-Oriented methodology, identifies the most skilled, most capable, & most trainable candidates and incumbents.

Mechanical Skills Assessments
Electrical Skills Assessments
PLC Assessment Training
CNC assessment training

Non-Verbal, Non-written, Task-Oriented

Identifying and quantifying skills prior to hire is the single most effective means to insure a quality, highly productive hiring decision. This solution provides a Return-On-Investment over 100% the first year of implementation. These industrial skills assessments have been administered over 900,000 times generating savings in excess of $10 billion for our manufacturing clients.

The efficacy of the assessment program has been confirmed by over thirty validation studies conducted by Industrial/Organizational PhD's and by forty years of success driving productivity in the field.

Make The Right Hiring Decision

We understand the hiring process in industry. Our Manufacturing Skills Selection-Evaluation program is designed to eliminate the uncertainty. Will this candidate be a productive addition to my team? How can you know for sure? SMT's assessment program answers these questions and drives performance in your facility by identifying skills prior to hire. No more "hoping" this individual has the skills represented on his/her CV, you will know the skill set of each candidate before they walk onto your production floor.

Many organizations assess incumbents for internal advancement and to benchmark the skill set of their existing workforce. With this assessment data organizations can design targeted training programs that quickly increase workforce skills and productivity.

Each industrial skills assessment tool replicates conditions found in industry and is used to identify and measure the skills required to run your facility at optimal performance levels. The “Assessment Machines” and “Assessment Protocols” are Powerful Productivity Tools. Our assessment program and training programs dramatically impact Lean, Six Sigma, and TPM initiatives by increasing the skill level of the workforce resulting in significant productivity enhancements and a stronger bottom-line.

The assessment program is neutral regarding language, gender, and origin; a best practice solution for hiring and promoting in manufacturing.

  • Improved Performance & Profitability
  • Identify Problem Solving Skills
  • Lower the Risk & Cost of Hiring
  • Confirm Skills Represented on CV
  • Measure Competencies & Instinct
  • Decrease Work Related Injuries
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Align the Hiring Process with your Lean/TPM Initiatives
  • Identify Troubleshooting Ability
  • Identify Trainability
  • Separate Candidates by Skill Level
  • Match the Right Person with the Right Job
  • Avoid the Bad Hire
  • Reduce Employee Turnover

If you’re hiring without identifying skills in advance you may be accepting risks that can be easily avoided.


The portable industrial skills assessment machines are available for purchase or lease. SMT can conduct the assessments at our location, in your facility, or we can train and certify your incumbents as assessment administrators. Our most popular deliverable is the option where we train an incumbent(s) the manufacturing skills assessment methodology. Please contact us for a pricing proposal specific to your needs and objectives.

Methodology & Scoring

The industrial skills assessment program is a hands-on performance-based program using assessment "machines" that replicate conditions found in manufacturing facilities.

There are differing degree of difficulty assessments depending on the positions(s) being staffed. For instance, using the Standard Timing Model (mechanical skills assessment machines) the assessment protocol for maintenance professional is more challenging than that for a machine operator.

Skills are measured on a percentile basis from zero to 99%. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our scoring methodology and reporting process in greater detail.