Formal Education Market

SMT currently works with schools in nineteen states and several countries.

Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) has been effectively solving the industrial skills shortage for many years working with manufacturers across a wide variety of industrial platforms. Currently, demand for our solution in formal education is growing rapidly as schools work with manufacturers to identify and deploy an effective solution to the skills shortage.

When these programs are deployed in education, all skill stakeholders benefit; the manufacturer has the opportunity to hire the skills required to optimize performance, the program graduate is on a promising career path and demand for the services provided by each school increases.


Southwest Tennessee Community College – Memphis, TN

 “SWCC uses SMT as the centerpiece of industrial skills training for continuing education classes and customized corporate training. We are most proud to say that more than 1500 entry-level and incumbent employees have been trained using SMT’s curriculum.  Those employees have worked for Unilever, Hershey, Electrolux, KTG, Blues City Brewery and many other manufacturers.”

Polytech Adult Education – Dover, DE

“The growing nationwide skills gap in the manufacturing field is being clearly seen and felt in Delaware. Polytech Adult Education has been able to help meet this need through the creation of the Delaware Manufacturing Development Center (DMDC). This would not have been possible without the partnership with Scientific Management Techniques (SMT).”

Tennessee Board of Regents – Nashville, TN

 “Based on the proven success to date in the locations where our schools have implemented SMT’s programs we are recommending statewide deployment. Our objective is for Tennessee to have the strongest, best-trained workforce in the country and SMT’s programs will help us achieve this objective in the area of advanced manufacturing skills.”