Solve the Skills Shortage & Drive Productivity in your Manufacturing Facility


Scientific Management Techniques is the global leader in "Hands On" Manufacturing Skills Assessment programs. World-Class manufacturing organizations use Scientific Management Techniques’ manufacturing skills Assessment Programs and manufacturing skills Training Programs to drive productivity and profitability in their facilities.

  • The “Hands-On Assessment Machines” identify and measure the skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility.
  • SMT’s portable "assessment machines" and assessment protocols deliver a Hands-On, Scientific Based, Data Driven workforce skill assessment solution that lowers the risk and cost of hiring and drives industrial performance by increasing the skill level of your workforce.
  • The data driven hiring process allows manufacturers to make better hiring decisions based on proven, validated success factors and extend their lean initiatives into the hiring process.
  • SMT's industrial skill Assessment Machines and Protocols are used in the hiring process globally for the selection and evaluation of maintenance mechanics, machine operators, industrial electricians, PLC technicians, electro-mechanical personnel and CNC operation personnel.
Identifying and measuring skills prior to hire is the single most effective means to insure a quality, highly productive hire in manufacturing.

SMT's assessment "machines" replicate conditions found in manufacturing facilities. The machines, together with our validated assessment methodologies, identify and measure skills and competencies that traditional written tests are not designed for and are unable to recognize.

Community Colleges and training entities tasked with delivering skilled graduates into industry embrace both solutions to shrink the skills gap that exists in manufacturing globally. SMT’s Demand-Driven training program is manufacturing specific. Our Industrial Skills Training Program trains to the specific skills our global clients have conveyed to us as critical for productive long-term employment.

Learn What Sets Us Apart

  • Operations Professionals embrace our skills assessment program due to the productivity & output improvements delivered on the production floor.
  • HR Professionals embrace the solution because it simplifies the hiring process by identifying skills prior to hire and has forty years of validation data.
  • The CFO Suite embraces our program due to the bottom line impact delivered by a higher skilled workforce.